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Child Visitation Lawyers in Lake Bluff IL

  • By: Michone Riewer TM
  • Published: October 22, 2020

Lake County Child Visitation Attorneys

Wondering if you need a Child Visitation Lawyer in Lake Bluff, IL or anywhere in Lake County, Illinois? Maybe we should start with a more basic concept: what is visitation?

Visitation, which is legally called “parenting time” in Illinois is basically kid logistics. As in, where is my kid and when? Technically, visitation is defined by Section 600 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) as “the time during which a parent is responsible for exercising caretaking functions and non-significant decision-making responsibilities with respect to the child.”

A parent is entitled to have visitation with his or her children unless that parent seriously endangers the children. Serious endangerment means that the Court believes a parent is harmful to the children’s physical, moral, mental, or emotional well-being. If a parent endangers the child, the Court can eliminate or restrict parenting time (require supervised visitation, etc.).

Child Visitation Lawyer Lake Bluff IL

So, as a general rule, all parents are entitled to visitation. Without boring you with the legal technicalities, the Court will basically determine the “reasonable” visitation schedule based on the “best interests” of the children. See IMDMA Section 602.7 and 602.8.

For a parent who wants time with the children, there is no set minimum amount of visitation that a parent can have in Illinois. It is common for there to be some amount of time during the weekdays and some amount of time during the weekends. Parenting time can range from equal (50/50) to one parent having the vast majority of the parenting time (again based on what is reasonable and/or in the best interest of the child).

As part of parenting time, a parent should consider not only what the regular weekly schedule will be, but also, what will happen for holidays, birthdays, during the summer, for vacations etc. Frankly, much of this planning is the logistics of where your children will be and when. The end goal is for you, your former spouse, and your children to know what to expect.

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Child Visitation Lawyer Lake Bluff IL

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