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Strategic Divorce


Strategic DivorceTM is a premier family law firm in Lake Bluff that practices all aspects of family law. The attorneys at our firm possess a wide range of expertise in all divorce and other family law issues, including:

  • Complex financial matters in divorce such as high net worth asset division
  • Highly contested custody arrangements and post-judgment modifications
  • Adoptions

We are sensitive to the unique needs and goals of each client and provide them with the legal expertise, action and support to successfully resolve their legal issues.


Going through a divorce or other family law matter is emotionally and financially difficult, even under the best situation. Choosing the right lawyer to minimize the financial and emotional drain on you, your children, and even your soon-to-be ex makes a challenging situation better.

Our attorneys believe that our case does not have to eviscerate your family or your finances. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop a strategy to accomplish your goals. Our clients are involved in each step of the process as we help guide the strategy to resolve your case to your satisfaction. By employing a team approach to each case, we ensure that every client receives personalized attention.


The six experienced attorneys at Strategic DivorceTM combine their legal skills with personalized service for each client. Their team approach to each case means every detail gets handled expediently. As seasoned litigation lawyers in Illinois, they can advise you on what to expect in your divorce situation.

Our attorneys are diligent in their practice of the law, working to negotiate divorces with the least amount of conflict. If negotiation becomes impossible, Strategic DivorceTM attorneys are always prepared to litigate to pursue optimal case conclusions for their clients. Our reputation for preparedness results in considerable leverage in negotiations.


Divorce is difficult to go through. We believe that working with your attorneys should be the easiest part. That is why we focus on being the optimal law firm for your divorce. From our attention to customer service to our knowledge of the Illinois courts, we aim to provide the highest level of family law representation possible.


We know that legal matters regarding the family can cause a considerable amount of stress. Our approach to family law can streamline your legal matter and provide closure. Call our office today at (847) 234-4445 or email us to set up an initial meeting to discuss your options.

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Strategic Divorce

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