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Strategic Divorce
"Yes! I felt respected, guided, protected, safe. I was able to proceed with an amicable, compassionate divorce that allowed co-parenting to remain cordial and successful, and I have strategic divorceTM, Michone especially, to thank for it. I’m forever grateful."Kate E.
"Very respectful, strategic, and assertive.. Michone and her team is exactly what I needed.. I would strongly recommend Strategic DivorceTM for the services provided. A very clear understanding of the laws, documents and the avenues in which I could utilize throughout the process."Marc B.
"Michone is impeccable. Her staff is impeccable. But...what separates her, and her staff, is that she really CARES. She actually cares. She is indeed one of the finest divorce attorneys in the state of Illinois, no doubt. Yet, she maintains her humanity and kindness, always. Michone is a rare breed of lawyer, who despite her heavy case load, LISTENS. She is a compassionate, pipe hitting lawyer. She will do everything within her power to represent you to her fullest ability. She is also not afraid to let you know the absolute facts of your case. In other words, she will NOT, like so, so many other lawyers, string you along in order to create billable hours. She is a (wo)man amongst boys."Maryilene B.
"My attorney treated me with respect, educating me on best course of action, and was always open to my questions and decisions. Positive and would highly recommend."Julie C.
"Absolutely. Knowledgeable and professional! I would recommend the firm without hesitation!"Ekaterina G.
"Helped every step of the way. I still need her help with issues that come up with my ex-husband she is the best. Her staff outstanding. I can not say enough great things about the help I received thro6one of the most difficult times in my life."Kimberly
"Michone is an incredibly gifted lawyer. She has not only excellent skills as a lawyer but she is intuitive, compassionate and works incredibly hard to get the very best for you. Going through a divorce is extremely difficult but she really helps you navigate through it-and you can trust her decisions because she uses all the knowledge she has of the court system, her intuition, and her wisdom to know when to hold a hard line and when to negotiate. I am in deep gratitude to Michone for how she has protected my daughter, helped me out of an abusive marriage and gave me hope for the future! Her kindness is something I will remember for the rest of my life-my situation was nearly hopeless-but she was able to get the very best possible in a near impossible situation. There are a few times in life where you can say this person changed the course of my life-she is that person and I will always be so very thankful to her for that gift."A Satisfied Client
"I am highly satisfied with the work Michone and her team have done for my children an I. She is a thorough professional. Michone educated me on what to expect, the possible outcome and successfully achieved it! She made me feel comfortable and confident every step of the way. She is a caring person and attorney-I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a family law expert." A Satisfied Client
"I can't say enough about her or thank her enough for all she has done. She is extremely intelligent, professional, honest with great integrity, calming while in an intense situation. When going through an emotional situation such as divorce and or child custody, it's Michone RiewerTM you want to represent you."Catherine
“Very well known, loved, and respected by the judges.”Luis A.