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Strategic Divorce

DivorceOne of the biggest concerns from a client is their financial stability following a divorce. At Strategic Divorce in Lake Bluff, we make sure that your property, debt and assets get split equitably. Our approach pursues a favorable resolution of your divorce in the most expedient way possible for your situation.


Business owners and professionals with a high level of assets need legal representation that is knowledgeable about complex financial matters. So do their spouses. Our firm provides our clients with negotiation strategies that looks beyond the immediate situation and positions you for security in the long term. This analysis requires knowledge of a wide range of potential issues, such as tax implications.


We aim to give our clients an edge in divorce negotiations and litigation. A team of lawyers will work on your divorce from start to finish and provide advice and legal action that applies to your case, including:

  • Whether pursuing maintenance is a viable option
  • Identifying nonmarital property not eligible for division
  • Proper valuation of businesses and property

Our lawyers are familiar with the local court system and consider that impact when executing your divorce strategy.


Retaining the premier family law practice in Illinois will make a positive difference in the way your divorce progresses. Give Strategic Divorce a call today at (847) 234-4445 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation with us.

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Strategic Divorce

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