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Divorce can push you to the edge of your comfort zone, and over it. Every year millions of Americans celebrate their love for one another and enter into marriage, often before all of their friends and family. Marriage is a wonderful thing, except when it isn’t. Unfortunately, the statistics show that many marriages will most certainly end in divorce. And when you’re slowly walking down the aisle, across the grass, or up to the judge’s bench, you’re probably filled with excitement for your future and love for your soon-to-be wife or husband. You’re not thinking about divorce, nor why should you be? We never expect that we’ll be the couple that ends in divorce, but that’s the cruel fact of divorce, it’s 100% unpredictable. If it were able to be seen in advance we’d never marry that partner. But life just isn’t that way, and divorce happens to good people every day.

Divorce is without a doubt a stressful time. Divorce brings anxiety, often sadness, sometimes anger and resentment, and potentially any other emotion you can think of. After all, you expected to grow old with this person and now, suddenly, it’s all coming to an end. And while you’re reeling from the impact of this life-changing event that is happening in real-time, affecting your entire life, you have to immediately begin thinking about who gets what, and if the divorce is contentious—how do you save yourself from being literally cleaned out by a disgruntled ex-wife or ex-husband? Were you the principal breadwinner? How will your husband handle that? How will your wife? Poverty isn’t something anyone desires, and you can be sure that, especially, after someone has been living a financially comfortable life for years, that they are going to fight hard to preserve that, meaning they are going to come after your money. For this and many other reasons, you simply cannot afford to go it alone. You must retain an experienced divorce law attorney in Lake Bluff, IL with a track record of success handling contentious divorce proceedings.

Divorce, It’s A Lot More Than Just Saying Goodbye

When it ends, when divorce happens, there is a lot to settle. Illinois is an ‘equitable division’ state, but that in no way means that the marital property must be divided 50/50 between the divorcing spouses. Rather, the statute simply mandates that the court divide all marital property equitably. You can work with your spouse to decide how to allocate property and assets, but if the divorce is contentious, and you cannot reach a mutually satisfactory decision, the court will be forced to make that determination regarding the division of assets. In every divorce, you’ll need a Lake Bluff, IL divorce lawyer to help you get the best options and keep as much of your wealth and assets as possible, but in a contentious divorce, you’ll be putting yourself in serious financial danger if you go it alone, without the support and counsel of a seasoned divorce law attorney in Lake Bluff, IL with a solid track record of success. We are those attorneys. We are that firm. And we will successfully steward your divorce proceeding and ensure that you get fair treatment, and avoid losing those assets that you have worked so hard to acquire.

Financial Stability Concerns

Financial stability after a divorce is often a major source of anxiety for many of our clients. At Strategic DivorceTM in Lake Bluff, we make sure that your property, debt, and assets are split equitably. Our approach pursues favorable resolutions in every area of your divorce, and in the most expedient way possible, always.

Protecting Your Financial Interests

Business owners and professionals with significant assets require legal representation that is finely tuned and trained to deal with complex financial matters. And spouses of business owners and professionals need the same level of legal skills working for them. Our firm provides clients with successful negotiation strategies that look beyond the immediate situation and position you for security in the long term. This analysis requires a keen knowledge of a wide range of potential issues, such as the looming tax implications, and so much more.

Advocating For Your Lifestyle

We give our clients an edge in divorce negotiations and litigation. A team of lawyers will work on your divorce from start to finish; we’ll provide advice and legal action that applies to your specific case, including:

  • Whether pursuing maintenance is a viable option
  • Identifying nonmarital property not eligible for division
  • Proper valuation of businesses and property

Our lawyers are familiar with the local court system and consider that impact when executing your divorce strategy.

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