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Selecting a Divorce Law Firm

  • By: spk-admin
  • Published: September 6, 2022

Divorce law firms offer full service legal representation to those who are seeking to end the marriage. We are certainly your first choice when faced with this difficult legal process. Whether you simply do not wish to remain in the relationship any longer or if you have grounds and wish to seek a divorce, our firm is dedicated to getting results.

Factors to consider when picking a divorce law firm

As with picking the right a divorce attorney, picking the right divorce law firm depends on your personal preferences. Some have paid spokespeople who are former clients of the firm; others are made up of former judges and practicing attorneys. The best way to find one that is right for you is to personally check out their website, read testimonials from past customers and gather information on the attorney’s experience with cases like yours.

The Experience and Area of Practice of the Divorce Law Firm

Choosing a divorce law firm that is experienced and focused on your area of need is the key to ensuring you have the best possible outcome with your case. At Kelley & Davis, we understand the complexities surrounding marital and parental issues, including custody arrangements and parenting schedules. We get to know our local clients, their families, and their needs in order to provide them with the tailored service they deserve.

Reputation: A divorce law firm, with a reputation built on offering practical legal advice to help you navigate the most appropriate course of action according to your circumstances. They operate on a no win no fee basis and will represent you personally by an experienced solicitor who specializes in this area of law.

Success in litigation: A divorce law firm that has been successful in most of its ligations is the best bet to a successful case. The track record of a divorce firm is very important, and you should do a background check before deciding to hire an attorney from a particular divorce law firm.

Fee structure: The easiest way to pay for legal services is with an hourly rate. Hourly rates are typically quoted as a full rate and a breakdown of what the rates cover. For example, if the cost of filing divorce papers is $100, $80 may be considered a “flat fee” to file divorce papers and $20 may be considered attorney’s fees for going over the documents with you. If you don’t want your lawyer to invoice you on an hourly basis, consider hiring a firm instead. Unlike individual attorneys, law firms can give a flat fee quote that covers all your legal services related to your case.

The Divorce Attorney You Need

With many divorce law firms battling for your business, choosing the right firm can be hard—but that’s where we come in. At Strategic DivorceTM, we are committed to helping you find a law firm with the experience and expertise to successfully represent you. Visit our website now or call us at (847) 234-4445 to get connected with the best divorce law firm for your specific case.

Attorney Michone Riewer

Attorney Michone RiewerTM is a seasoned lawyer based in Lake Bluff, IL, focusing on Family Law. She brings a wealth of experience to matters of divorce, child custody, alimony, and beyond, aiming to provide clients like you with the insight you need to protect your family and move through the legal world with ease.

Connect with her firm, Strategic DivorceTM, to stay updated on the latest developments in Family Law and get in touch with an advocate who’s committed to helping you navigate the legal landscape in Illinois.

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