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What Is an Order of Protection in Illinois?

  • By: Gene Kirzhner
  • Published: May 24, 2022

Domestic violence is a serious issue that has gained national attention in the past few years. While showing public support for domestic abuse victims is a great start, it is not enough when it comes to providing them with the protection that they need.

As a victim, you may have been lucky enough to remove this individual from your home, or find another place to live for yourself. However, only an order of protection will provide the security and peace of mind you deserve.

What Constitutes Domestic Violence In Illinois?

Domestic violence is considered a serious offense in the state of Illinois. The Illinois domestic violence law clearly states that anyone who hits, chokes, threatens, or interferes with the personal liberty of another family or household member violates that order.

This law identifies family and household members as the following:

  • Family-related by blood
  • Individuals who are currently or formerly married
  • People who used to share a common living space
  • Individuals who have a child in common or are related through that child
  • A couple who are currently or formerly dating or engaged
  • People with disabilities and their personal assistants

What Constitutes An Order Of Protection In Illinois?

An order or protection is issued by the courts when one individual feels their safety and wellbeing are being threatened by another. It is important to point out that these orders are only available to the types of family or household members listed above.

We advise domestic abuse victims to view the complete list of reasons a court would issue an order of protection. The following are some of the most common:

  • Stopping an abuser from continuing their abusive actions
  • Banning an abuser from a shared residence
  • Ordering an abuser to stay away from specific individuals
  • Prohibiting an abuser from hiding your child or taking them across state lines
  • Giving you temporary physical possession of children
  • Requiring an abuser to pay child support

Getting The Protection You Deserve

We understand choosing to go to court and request an order of protection is an overwhelming ordeal. The team at Strategic DivorceTM promises to provide the support and security you deserve during this difficult time.

We have supported countless domestic violence victims over the years. We are your advocates in that courtroom, and will not stop until the court issues you the peace of mind you deserve. Our experience allows us to be well prepared to counter anything the other side may throw at us.

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