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We initially approach each case in an amicable manner. Our firm is different from other firms in that we have enough firepower, enough attorneys, and enough knowledge to handle significant cases with complex financial issues. We can litigate document-intensive litigation because we have enough people and enough staff to take the volume of work that comes from those types of cases. We’ve done that in the past. Our organizational skills, our forms and systems are set up to handle those cases and they are excellent.

We are different from other large firms in that we believe that attempting to resolve things amicably is the best in all cases. Even if we cannot fix things amicably, we do not escalate the battle purposefully. By not escalating the battle, by not inflaming the client, by not creating drama where none needs to exist, we keep the litigation process smaller and less emotionally charged so that our clients can respond to what’s in front of them, rather than to react to the fear caused by what’s in front of them.

We help our clients look at each aspect of the case, really clarifying what the facts are, what the best-case scenario is, what the worst-case outcome is, and we walk through them the likelihood of each so that they’re informed and comfortable with the process and not afraid. Fear causes amplified and often unreasonable reactions because our clients are well-educated about the process and the situation. They’re better able to sit back and allow settlement negotiations and not confront the other party outside of the legal arena with aggression or anger.

I think that our emphasis on trying to do things amicably empowers our clients to know that they’ve made every effort to resolve the case without litigation so that when we go into litigation, they don’t second-guess it. If we have to go into litigation, we have extremely capable trial attorneys. We can support and shepherd our clients through the litigation process to understand every step of the process. That knowledge allows them to be less stressed, and it creates less anxiety. It will enable them to feel comfortable that they’re being advised and taken care of appropriately. They don’t have to panic because the unknown is so scary, and they know what’s coming, know what the parameters are of the result, and are okay with sitting and waiting and trying to get the best results.

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Attorney Michone Riewer

Attorney Michone RiewerTM is a seasoned lawyer based in Lake Bluff, IL, focusing on Family Law. She brings a wealth of experience to matters of divorce, child custody, alimony, and beyond, aiming to provide clients like you with the insight you need to protect your family and move through the legal world with ease.

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