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Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

  • By: spk-admin
  • Published: August 16, 2022

A collaborative divorce is a private settlement agreement in which the parties agree on handling issues related to their separation or divorce. Rather than contesting legal battles in court over property division, child custody and support or other matters related to a relationship breakdown. Couples work together with their respective attorneys in a private forum to resolve their disputes and reach an amicable outcome regarding their situation.

The benefits of collaborative divorce include:

  1. The Children Are Shielded from the Divorce Proceedings: Collaborative divorce is a process that combines litigation to quickly settle the divorce and contract negotiations to get the best financial and custody agreement for both parties. This way, one may be able to develop a divorce arrangement where children are shielded from the divorce proceedings, protecting them from the emotional trauma that can ensue from fighting in court.
  2. Enhanced Control over the Divorce Process: When you want to keep your divorce as simple and straightforward as possible, the right choice is a collaborative divorce. With this approach, you and your spouse work together with a neutral partner and attorney to set goals and identify solutions that best meet your needs. This process is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional divorce litigation.
  3. You Avoid Court-Related Problems: One of the best features of collaborative divorce is that it avoids contentious court battles and other legal costs involved with traditional divorce. Further, this method produces private divorce agreements, which means the divorce process is kept private from friends, family, neighbors and employers. With collaborative divorce, legislation is streamlined as many details are put in place before consulting with a judge.
  4. It Costs Less than Litigations: Collaborative divorces are less costly, but they also heal the rift more quickly. In collaborative divorce, the two parties involved come to the table with their attorneys and, together with a third party, an attorney that runs the collaborative program, try to settle their divorce issues out of court. The children can stay in their familiar environment throughout the divorce process. You do not have to worry about your credit being affected if you cannot pay for both lawyer’s fees and divorce costs.
  5. It Is Less Stressful: It is common in divorce proceedings that the only two options are litigation and mediation. There is another option—collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce using a facilitator helps validate the emotions experienced during the separation and divorce. It allows the views of each party to be heard by the other while protecting both children and property. Collaborative divorce is not an easy process, but when done successfully will make it less stressful than litigation and lead to better post-separation relationships.

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