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Collaborative Divorce

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  • Published: August 9, 2022

Collaborative divorce is a strategy in which divorcing couples and their attorneys commit to resolving the case through a series of four-way meetings, rather than by litigation. The parties also pledge not to seek judicial intervention until they reach a resolution. In collaborative divorce, the parties and their attorneys agree that all documents will be shared freely between them, with no “discovery” process or depositions.

Collaborative divorce is less adversarial than traditional litigation and allows the parties to maintain more control over the outcome of their case than if it were decided in court by a judge. In collaborative divorce, both parties have increased involvement in the decisions affecting their lives and families, rather than allowing a judge to decide what happens after a trial.

 Why Opt for a Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is private, non-adversarial and confidential. The collaborative process allows divorcing spouses to work with trained professionals who focus on helping them and their children through the difficult time of family change.

Spouses are encouraged to consider collaborative divorce as an alternative method for resolving conflict if:

  • You want greater control over your future instead of leaving it up to a judge
  • You want to protect your children from court involvement
  • You are concerned that the fight will take an emotional toll on

Collaborative Divorce Process

Collaborative divorce begins when both spouses sign a contract binding each other to the collaborative process; agreeing not to take any issues before a judge until such time as an agreement has been made or the collaborative process ends.

  • During the collaborative divorce process, either party can choose to end it at any time.
  • The collaborative process can save time and money over traditional litigation.
  • It takes place out of court and focuses on finding solutions that will work best for your family long-term.

If you have children, it can be especially beneficial because this process helps parents build communication skills they will continue to rely on long after the final agreement is reached. Every case is different, so there is no set timeline for how long the process will take from start to finish. However, if you can meet regularly outside of scheduled mediation sessions, you can help keep the process moving forward toward resolution.

How Much Does a Collaborative Attorney Cost?

The cost of hiring an attorney to handle your collaborative divorce depends on several factors: the complexity of the issues involved, including whether there are minor children or complex financial issues; the length of time it takes to resolve the case; and whether additional professionals need to be retained (such as an appraiser).

In addition, some attorneys charge by the hour, while others charge a flat fee for certain types of cases. It is best to discuss your case with an attorney so that you can better understand what your fees may be for handling your collaborative divorce.

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