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Who is a Child Support Attorney?

  • By: spk-admin
  • Published: July 12, 2022

A child support attorney is a lawyer who assists parents seeking and receiving child support payments from the other parent or the State. A Child Support Attorney can help you establish your rights, facilitate a change in custody if needed or enforce existing court orders. Hiring a child support attorney will allow you to take charge of your child’s financial situation and ensure that they receive everything they deserve.

Finding the Right Child Support Attorney

Parents dividing custody of their children are obligated by law to support all of them financially. Failure to do so can result in penalties, fines, and various civil and criminal sanctions. We have put together key questions to be considered when determining the right person to represent you and your children. They include but are not limited to:

  • Do you want to find a local child support attorney who can appear in court for you or one who will assist you with your case from the comfort of their office?
  • Are you looking for an attorney who focuses on family law?
  • What is your budget and what is your timeline?

There are many ways to choose your lawyer but finding a family law or child support attorney shouldn’t be hard if you have us, the strategic divorceTM firm.

What Does a Child Support Attorney Do?

Although parents are expected to provide for their children, sometimes circumstances make it difficult. Child support law is a complex and often confusing field, so if you have trouble collecting child support payments from your child’s other parent, a child support attorney can help.

  • A child support attorney protects the interests of the supporting parent by helping ensure compliance with state laws regarding court-ordered support from non-custodial parents.
  • Also, child support attorneys may help with other issues related to custody, visitation, child born out of wedlock, paternity and adoption.
  • There is a time when parents separate, and the child’s wishes are not always considered. A child support attorney may give you some helpful tips to follow up on your case in such cases.
  • They help evaluating the income of both the parents and judge if a non-custodial parent can afford to pay for the expenses spent for children during separation, divorce, and post-divorce time frames. A Child Support Attorney is a person who has undergone special training in family law.

In most states, child support attorneys can be retained by either parent, but only the custodial parent can hire a child support lawyer in some states. A child support attorney will file your case and help you with the legal process to get the child support ordered. Child Support attorneys can also help ensure that your rights as a non-custodial parent are recognized.

The Bottom Line? We Can Help

Deciding you want to divorce your spouse is never easy, but if there are children involved, the process can be both complicated and stressful. If you have questions about child support payments, our family law attorney from Strategic DivorceTM can provide you with the information you need to make informed choices about your case. Our experienced child support attorney will help you develop an equitable custody and visitation agreement and represent your interests during mediation or a hearing before the judge. Call us at (847) 234-4445 and book an appointment today.

Attorney Michone Riewer

Attorney Michone RiewerTM is a seasoned lawyer based in Lake Bluff, IL, focusing on Family Law. She brings a wealth of experience to matters of divorce, child custody, alimony, and beyond, aiming to provide clients like you with the insight you need to protect your family and move through the legal world with ease.

Connect with her firm, Strategic DivorceTM, to stay updated on the latest developments in Family Law and get in touch with an advocate who’s committed to helping you navigate the legal landscape in Illinois.

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